‘Bond girl’ Ursula Andress and her battle with osteoporosis

To many, Ursula Andress is the ultimate Bond girl.

The sight of her character, Honeychile Ryder, wearing that astonishing white bikini still makes hearts beat faster.

Before the opening of “Dr. No“, Ursula Andress was almost unheard of, yet within two weeks of the opening she was being widely labeled “the most beautiful girl in the world”. By the end of the year she was also named “the most photographed girl in the world.”

Now aged 72, she is still fine-looking and her figure remains trim but she doesn’t know how much longer this will be possible. She noticed her hips are so weak they could easily break – news that has come as a big shock.

For the past eight years Ursula has suffered from osteoporosis.

“If I cannot be active, I would rather die. I could not cope without full mobility. My life would be over,” she told Mail Online in an interview.

While most usual in the over-50s, osteoporosis can also affect much younger people. Often the disease progresses silently, with no warning signs, until a bone cracks or fractures.

“I have never smoked, I’ve always eaten well, including dairy, and drink wine only with a meal,” she explained. “And while my mother had a hip replacement, she didn’t fracture a hip to my knowledge and she lived to be 96.”

“The doctor told me that unless I took my medicine, I would definitely fracture my hip within the next few years,” she added.