‘Idol’ contestant Michael Lynche disqualified after dad confirms he’s in Top 24


It is being rumored that an “American Idol” semi-finalist was booted over the weekend from the talent search because his dad revealed to his local newspaper, The St. Petersburg Times, that his son made it to the top 24.

That’s a no-no according to “Idol” rules. The show’s policy clearly states that those in the know must keep the results a secret until they are broadcast.

Fox won’t confirm it but according to “Idol” spoiler site Joe’s Place, Michael Lynche (a.k.a. Big Mike), has been ousted and was replaced by another candidate from the top 50.

Lynche, 26, describes his music as a cross between Gnarls Barkley, Outcast and R. Kelly. He is not the first “A.I.” contender to get kicked out for technical violations. Last year, Joanna Pacitti was replaced by Felicia Barton after the network deemed she was, “ineligible to continue in the competition.”

[Photo: Hoodfamousmusic.com]