170 Arrested over child pornography

arrested over child pornography

Authorities have arrested more than 170 people around the globe, including at least 61 in the United States on charges they were part of a worldwide network of child pornographers, officials said Friday.

According to CNN, 11 girls in the U.S. and dozens more in Europe were rescued in a joint effort between European and American agents called Operation Join Hammer.

The children were believed sexually molested by child pornography producers.

The investigation, code-named Operation Koala in Europe, was developed in 2006 when Australian police discovered a video that depicted a man abusing two girls.

European authorities said they verified that the man was Belgian and the father of both girls, and that the video was produced by an Italian man who ran a photo studio in Ukraine.

The video had been widely distributed online in closed Internet forums and servers.

The authorities are still trying to locate child victims by tracing their images found in photos and videos. More arrests are expected as the FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Postal Inspection Service continue the investigation.