1998 Paper Against MMR Vaccines Given Full Retraction

Respected British medical journal The Lancet issued a full retraction linking autism to the use of the MMR vaccine.MMR-VACCINE

Sharp drops in vaccination in the United States, Europe and United Kingdom occurred after the 1998 paper was published. This led to the rise of measles cases that led to some deaths and severe and permanent injuries.

Dr Andrew Wakefield was the lead author of the paper. It was reported then that eight out of twelve children started having   behavioral symptoms after being treated with the MMR (muscles, mumps and rubella) vaccination.

Twelve years later, the paper was retracted by ten of Wakefield’s co-authors. Wakefield is said to have received funds from British trial lawyers seeking evidence against vaccine manufacturers. He is facing investigations regarding serious professional misconduct.

Wakefield, who is now living in the United States, is standing by his work and accused his detractors of making unfounded and unjust allegations.