24 Production Temporarily Halts for Sutherland Surgery

Production of the hit television series 24 was stopped temporarily to allow lead star and producer Keifer Sutherland to go through a medical surgery.Kiefer-Sutherland

Sutherland needed to have a surgical procedure after rupturing a cyst near his kidney. The cyst ruptured early last week. Production continued until Friday without Sutherland. Scenes not requiring the actor were shot during the remaining days last week. Any scenes requiring him were postponed.

The actor and Fox network agreed together that it would be better that Sutherland undergo the elective procedure now rather than after six weeks when the season’s tapings are finished. They think it is for the best and the better precautionary step.

Production will resume in one week, something that the actor is looking forward to as he is very frustrated in missing even a single day of production. The temporary halt is not expected to delay broadcast of any episode for the current season. The series airs every Monday at 9/8 pm Central.