30 Seconds to Mars Releases “This is War” Album


Los Angeles rock band 30 Seconds to Mars, featuring actor Jared Leto as vocalist, guitarist and composer, released its third album titled This is War in some parts of the world December 7 and in the United States December 8.

For one day only (December 8), This is War is available as an Amazon Daily Deal, offered at a special price of only $3.99. The album contains a total of 12 tracks (listed below), which are available individually at $0.99 each from Amazon.

  1. Escape
  2. Night Of The Hunter
  3. Kings And Queens
  4. This Is War
  5. 100 Suns
  6. Hurricane
  7. Closer To The Edge
  8. Vox Populi
  9. Search And Destroy
  10. Alibi
  11. Stranger In A Strange Land
  12. L490

In an interview with MTV a year ago, Leto said,

“I think this record is about faith, about spiritual matters, and that just happens to be what we’re thinking about and talking about in our lives right now. I said when the last album came out that I wanted to destroy the first record, which I think we did. We took a dramatic turn from the first to the second, and I think this new record follows that path. It’s exciting to us, and we’re really passionate about it.”

The record is released under Virgin Records.