33 Chilean Miners Rescued

More than two months of uncertainty have finally ended for 33 Chilean miners who were trapped in a collapsed mine as all of them were rescued in an operation that captivated the whole world.

One by one, the miners were brought to the surface from more than 2,000 feet below by a rescue capsule, ending a 69-day ordeal for the workers. Luis Urzua, the man who acted as the leader of the miners, was the last to be lifted up. He was met by Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, who later led the singing of the country’s national anthem after the completion of the 22-hour and 37 minutes rescue operation that exceeded expectations. Authorities had initially estimated the rescue to take at least 36 hours.

The miners had been trapped since August 5, when around 700,000 tons of rock collapsed from above the mine, leaving the workers no way out. The miners were first thought to have died as no sign of life was monitored in the mine until after 17 days.