5,000 Cops to Secure William-Kate Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding: Prince William and Kate MiddletonThousands of British police will be deployed to secure the upcoming Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, with officials vowing to act decisively against those who will attempt to sabotage the April 29 event.

Although there are no specific threats from terrorists, British police officials said more than 5,000 cops will be involved in ensuring that the event dubbed as the “wedding of the century” will go on without any hitches. Some groups are expected to hold protests during the wedding day, including Islamist group Muslims Against Crusaders, who have reportedly rejected guidelines for holding demonstrations on April 29. Metropolitan Police Commander Christine Jones said some 60 arrested people, including anarchists and political extremists, have been barred from entering London on the special day as part of the government’s security measures.

However, the biggest threat to security might not be terrorists but individuals who are not of sound mind. To deal with these special cases, a special team from the Fixated Threat Assessment Center (FTAC) has been set up to identify and detain individuals who have the tendency to cause some problems during the event. According to FTAC clinical director Dr. David James, these so-called fixated individuals include those who “believe themselves already to be married to Prince William.”