55% of parents would get a tutor for their children to help with exams

The preparations for GCSE and A Level are starting and a few people from My Voucher Codes wondered how far are parents willing to go to help their children succeed at the exams.

To find it out, they surveyed more than 500 parents whose children are about to take their GCSEs or A Levels this summer. When the parents were asked if they were willing to help their children with that in any way, 90% said yes. And out of those, 55% said that they already are, or were considering employing a tutor to help their children prepare.

The main reasons the parents gave for that is the wish to help their kids with the topics they struggled with, to help improve their grades after receiving their mock exam results, to boost studies outside of school, and to fill the gaps in the knowledge they worry teachers are missing.

36% of the parents felt that there’s a lot of pressure from schools for their children to exceed expectations, mainly to go up in the league tables.

The study also asked if the parents were planning to reward their children for passing the exams. 90% of them said yes. But how?

  • Meal out – 50%
  • A new phone, tablet, computer or games console – 22%
  • Money (value dependant on results gained) – 12%
  • Clothing – 8%
  • Other – 8%

“When it comes to rewarding children, most parents believe that their children do deserve some kind of reward, a meal out is the most popular choice. Exams can be stressful for the whole family, so time out to get together for a much needed treat meal out will help everyone, rewarding a job well done.“ — Chris Reilly, General Manager of MyVoucherCodes