90210 Season 2 Episode 12 – Winter Wonderland

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Are you a fan of the TV series 90210? Then you probably know that episode 12 of season 2 is out and is entitled “Winter Wonderland”. And yes, you can watch it online and I will show you how via the link below. For now let us do a quick recap of all the episodes (c/o tv.com). Let us start with the latest one, episode 12:

Episode 12
Winter Wonderland

Annie questions Jasper about his involvement with drug dealing, but he evades the question by revealing his suspicions about the hit-and-run accident. Meanwhile, Navid asks Adrianna for help proving Jasper pushed him down the stairs; Teddy shares his true feelings for Silver, which makes Dixon jealous; and Naomi and Silver drop by the winter dance before going to the Caribbean for Christmas break.

While see the summary of the back episodes below:

Episode 1
To New Beginnings!

After having spent most of their vacation time in summer school due to Annie’s report of Naomi’s party to the police, the gang decides to enjoy the last few days of the summer at the Beverly Hills Beach Club, where they meet new student Teddy. As destiny would have it, their time together in school during the summer has resulted in the formation of a close friendship between Silver and Naomi, with Adrianna also forming part of the new trio of best friends. Annie, however, has resorted to remaining aloof from her friends and family due to her guilt over the hit-and-run fiasco. Meanwhile, Navid makes plans to take his relationship with Adrianna to new levels and lose his virginity, all while Dixon learns of a text message that causes him to consider ending his relationship with Silver.

Episode 2
To Sext or Not to Sext

The rumor about the existence of a naked photo of Annie runs wild throughout the West Beverly Hills High community, causing further divide between Dixon and his sister. Despite his problems at home, Liam joins Teddy and Dixon in trying out for the surfing team. Meanwhile, Ryan worries about his relationship with Jen, and Naomi continues scheming new ways to make Annie’s life miserable.

Episode 3
Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat

Annie and Naomi are still battling it out. Dixon meets a new girl and Teddy has a party on his dad’s yacht.

Episode 4
The Porn King

Sasha and Dixon’s trip to Napa ends with a flat tire and a surprise in the trunk. Gia and Silver are set to interview the nephew of the man Annie ran over. Liam gets back at Jen, and Naomi finds out what really happened on prom night.

Episode 5
Environmental Hazards

Silver has an unpleasant run-in with her mother (Ann Gillespie) at Adrianna’s AA meeting; Naomi starts working with a tutor at CU, but soon becomes distracted by a cute student (Travis Van Winkle); and Sasha figures out Dixon’s age. Elsewhere, Adrianna and Navid go on an awkward double date with Teddy.

Episode 6
Wild Alaskan Salmon

Navid and Adrianna break up, and Annie and Jasper get closer.

Episode 7

Kelly and Silver’s sisterly bond continues to be strained by differing opinions about how to deal with Jackie’s health situation. Dixon decides to end things with Sasha, but is instead surprised with shocking news. Meanwhile, Debbie and Harry face a bump in the road when she walks in on him and Kelly having an intimate moment, and Annie feels pressured when Jasper tries to get her to commit a crime while shooting a scene for his student film.

Episode 8
Women’s Intuition

It is revealed that Sasha faked her pregnancy. Adrianna relapses and buys drugs from Jasper, who is a drug dealer. Jen and Ryan make their relationship official and Liam still thinks he has a shot with Naomi.

Episode 9
A Trip to the Moon

Jackie and Teddy throw Silver a surprise half-birthday party that takes her back to her childhood days. Dixon, Ivy, and Teddy assist Liam in devising a plan to get revenge on Jen. Dixon’s decision to confront Sasha about her miscarriage forces Debbie and Harry to tell him the truth about the situation. Annie decides to take her relationship with Jasper to the next level after the two profess their love for each other. Meanwhile, Navid decides to confront Jasper about being a drug dealer after catching him selling substances to Adrianna.

Episode 10
To Thine Own Self Be True

Annie leaves Debbie and Harry surprised when she informs them that she would like to invite Jasper over for dinner. Dixon decides to pass on the event as a result of his anger over Debbie’s management of the Sasha situation. Meanwhile, Kelly shows support for Silver regarding the caring of Jackie despite the fact that she does not yet know if she can ultimately forgive her mother for all the pain she has caused in the past. Navid confronts Adrianna about her drug use, and a weekend camping trip leads to Ryan and Jen’s relationship climbing to a new level. Also, Naomi is caught kissing Jamie by Richard and his mother, forcing her to come clean about her plans for CU admission.

Episode 11
And Away They Go!

Navid has no recollection of who pushed him down the stairs and Adrianna visits him in hospital. Silver and Teddy grow closer. Liam, Dixon and Ivy come up with a plan to show Naomi the truth about her sister.

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