92-year-old arrested for coke


A 92-year-old woman was arrested for smuggling coke into Spain. No, this is not Coca-cola Coke but “coke” or cocaine. Along with her was a 44-year-old female who was also arrested for the same charges. The younger woman was sentenced to prison while the older was sent to a seniors’ citizen home.

“It’s practically impossible” that she would be tried or face jail time, said the Civil Guard spokeswoman.

Whatever the case, it is almost unthinkable that a woman who is very advance in age would do such a thing. Even if there’s a huge money involved, I mean, where would she use it? That “point” leads us to several conclusions. It might be that she (they) was (were) forced to do it ala Hollywood movie style. Or their families might be in a financial crisis thus forcing them to do so. But as the saying goes, “no one is above the law.”