95 dead, hundreds wounded in Baghdad bombings


At least 95 people were killed and almost 600 wounded as six large explosions rocked Baghdad Wednesday morning.

The coordinated attacks marked the nation’s bloodiest day since the U.S. pulled its combat troops from cities and towns nearly two months ago and left security in the hands of Iraqi forces.

They included two truck bombings close to government ministries, which are among the most heavily guarded structures in Baghdad, Iraqi authorities said.

The blasts, for which government officials blamed Al Qaeda in Iraq and followers of ex- President Saddam Hussein, illustrated the dangers Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki faces as Iraqi forces take over from the Americans.

However, U.S. President Barack Obama has insisted the American pull-out from Iraq will not be halted by the fresh wave of bombings that has hit the country.

UPDATE: A bomb attached to a bicycle ripped through a market in central Baghdad today, killing two civilians. Authorities said at least 10 people were wounded in the incident.