A Year in Review: Obama’s Approval Survey Results

A year into the office, President Barack Obama got mixed views from Americans in a survey conducted by USA Today/ Gallup Poll.obama_oath_taking2

About 63% of them believe that he is tackling more difficult problems than his predecessor George W. Bush. About 6% didn’t think so.

60%  of the total respondents believe that Obama cares about the needs of the people and 54% think he share the people’s values.

The president got higher than 50% approval for his handling of foreign affairs and terrorism, while he got higher than 50% disapproval rating for health care and economy. The poll was taken earlier this month during the intense health care debate.

A year ago, 76% of surveyed citizens think that Obama will bring change in the nation. Now only 50% believes that. Also only 37% believes that the nation is heading in the right direction. Last year, it was 19% before his inauguration and 50% after the inauguration.

African Americans gave him a 96% approval, the whites 44%.

The Republicans gave him a 20% approval, the Democrats 87%.