Aaliyah Johnson: Professional Mistress


Aaliyah Johnson is one hot babe who’s not ashamed of being a “professional mistress”.

For about three years, this 24-year-old UK-based model has kept five rich married men in their 40’s happy at the same time.

In return, she gets the lavish gifts, lifestyle and cash she desires.

Until now, Aaliyah has managed to keep the men unaware of each other and their wives oblivious of her.

The 32D brunette insists she is not a prostitute, but frankly admitted to the News of the World that she’s “not fussed about looks—only bank balances.”

“They get from me what they don’t get at home. People call me a gold-digger but I don’t want to break up marriages —just to be treated like a princess,” she added.

Aaliyah has been modeling since the age of 15 and has been featured in page 3, FHM, Maxim, GQ, Penthouse and Playboy magazine.

She is also a trained dancer and has been in a large number of music videos and commercials.

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