Accenture Starts Woods Advertisement Pullout

Embattled and scandal-ridden Tiger Woods continues to have problems as consultancy and technology outsourcing company Accenture decided to finally end its six-year sponsorship deal with the athlete. This is the first mark of a sponsor severing ties with

A day before this announcement Procter & Gamble product Gillette has informed that would be limiting the participation of Woods on its advertisements honoring his decision to step away from the limelight to fix his life.

Other sponsors continue to support him. Nike, Gatorade, Electronic Arts and AT&T have expressed that they would not stop sponsoring the golf player.

Well, not yet. AT&T is in the process of evaluating its relations with him. Tiger earns around $100 million annually from advertisements.

His wife, Elin Nordegren, is reported to have bought a beach house in Sweden after Woods finally admitted his “infidelity” to the public.

In related news, Playgirl reported that it will not publish any nude photos of the golfer. The magazine said that they only publish pictures with blessings from the subject themselves.