Actor Neal McDonough Refuses Sex Scenes, Loses Job

Neal McDonough is set to lose some $1 million in potential income after he refused to do sex scenes for ABC’s new series “Scoundrels.” According to, McDonough, who had recurring roles in “Band of Brothers” and “Desperate Housewives,” was fired three days into the shooting of “Scoundrels” after he refused to make love on screen with co-star Virginia Madsen.

McDonough, who also turned down sex scenes with Nicollette Sheridan in “Desperate Housewives,” reportedly rejected the love scenes with Madsen because they would violate his principles as a devout Catholic and a family man. ABC allegedly knew that McDonough does not do sex scenes. The actor also turned down bed scenes during his stint with NBC’s “Boomtown.”

ABC has tapped David James Elliot to replace McDonough and get it on with Madsen, who was not bothered a bit by her former co-star’s “rejection.” “Scoundrels” is based on a New Zealand series that tells about a crime family matriarch’s decision to turn a new leaf after her husband was sent to jail.