Adam Gadahn, US-born al-Qaeda spokesman, arrested in Karachi

Adam Gadahn Arrested

Pakistani security officers have arrested Adam Gadahn, a Southern California native who became a spokesman for al-Qaeda, and is one of the most wanted persons by U.S. officials.

Born Adam Pearlman, the 31-year-old was detained by intelligence officials in the southern port city of Karachi, according to a report in the online edition of the Los Angeles Times. It was not immediately clear whether American officials were involved in the arrest.

Gadahn moved to Pakistan in 1998, and is said to have attended an al-Qaeda training camp six years later. The Riverside County native has been wanted by the FBI since 2004, with a reward of $1m offered for information leading to his arrest.

He is the first American to be charged with treason since World War II, and if convicted, he would face the death penalty.