American Idol: Adam Lambert sings One, Cryin (video)


As expected, Adam Lambert’s performance was over the top on Tuesday’s American Idol (May 12). First, he sang U2’s One for his judge’s choice, picked by Simon. Bono told him it would be their pleasure for Adam to sing the song when Simon called to get permission.

It was just Adam under a blue light with a piano. I thought he over-sang it. He screamed and shrieked and mugged for the cameras—which just wasn’t needed. I like Adam but he seemed off-key!

Randy: “I lost the song when you went off melody.”

Kara: “You make it unbelievable. You did your own version.”

Paula: “It was one brilliant song and one superb performance.”

Simon: “Kidding around, this is the point I was trying to make: It was a brilliant, brilliant performance.”

VIDEO: Adam Lambert sings “One” on American Idol Top 3 (May 12) On his second performance, Adam picked the Aerosmith classic Cryin. He didn’t change it up too much and as usual, Adam wowed the panel with his daring vocal range and style.

Randy: “You are one of the best we’ve ever had on the stage.”

Kara: “Amazing we’ll see you at the finals.”

Paula: “You set the bar so high I hope you are collecting frequent flyer.”

Simon: “I want everyone to vote for you base on the fact you deserve to be there, not to assume.”

VIDEO: Adam Lambert sings “Cryin” on American Idol Top 3 (May 12)