Adam Lambert to Tone Down Malaysia Concert

Adam Lambert won’t be kissing any one during his concert in Malaysia this week. The “American Idol” alum has agreed to obey the restrictions set by the Malaysian government for his Thursday concert in Kuala Lumpur to push through, even if it means doing away with the usual flamboyant, and sometimes racy, performances he has become famous for.

Lambert, who has kissed bassist Tommy Joe Ratliff on stage in several concerts, said he is bowing to the restrictions “out of respect” even if it is a “tough decision” for him. The 28-year-old glam rocker said in an AP interview that doing the concert despite the government-set limitations is his way of thanking his Malaysian fans. “There are so many amazing fans in Malaysia that it’s more important for me to be able to come and do my show there for them and entertain them and thank them for supporting me,” he said.

Several government officials have opposed Lambert’s concert due to the perception that the openly gay artist is not a good role model to the young people in the conservative, Islam-majority country.

Under the strict Malaysian guidelines, Lambert is not allowed to kiss, jump, or strip on stage.