Adrien Brody slept in the jungle to prepare for ‘Predators’

Amoral, kick-ass, an action hero–those are not the three words you will think whenever the name of actor Adrien Brody comes to mind.

However, with the launch of his new movie “Predators“, his fans will be in for a treat as they see Brody conquer a different challenge on screen.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the youngest lead actor Oscar winner relates that the real challenge came because he was often labeled as a ‘skinny’ actor. Brody was quoted: “It’s that they harp on a physical thing, because I don’t think there’s a question about my ability as an actor.”

It was certainly a big change for Brody to join the cast. The audience has been often treated to a bunch of beefy-looking actors (think Arnold Schwarzenegger and his group of trained soldiers) since the film has debuted back in 1987.

The L.A. Times has further quoted Brody: “It’s a role that a studio wouldn’t necessarily have me on a list for. And I had to kind of do some convincing, that I’m capable of physical transformation.”

To prepare for the role, Brody had to gain 25 pounds and trained with heavy weights. Taking things to a more serious level, Brody had also opted for a self-imposed isolation in the rain forest where the film was shot.