Afghan Parliament Rejects Again Karzai’s Cabinet Nominees

The Parliament of Afghanistan has rejected again some of President Hamid Karzai’s choices for cabinet positions. This is the second time that it happened in two weeks. Only 7 out of 17 nominees were approved.hamid-karzai-afghanistan

Among those who went through the eye needle are Zalmai Rasoul, former national security adviser as Foreign Affairs Minister; Habibullah Ghalib as Justice Minister and Amina Afzali, one of three female nominees, as Work and Social Affairs Minister. The other ministerial positions filled are those of Haj and Islamic Affairs, Economics, Counter-Narcotics, and Rural Rehabilitation and Development.

The two other female nominees were for Public Health and Women’s Affairs.

The President now has 14 out of 24 posts filled. He was hoping to have a full cabinet by January 28, which is something difficult to achieve. He is under international and domestic pressure to eradicate corruption in the government and to establish legitimacy for his administration, which was stained by electoral frauds last August.

The Parliament believes that those they rejected were either corrupt or linked to warlords.