Afghan President Plans to Meet with the Taliban

The President of Afghanistan announced that he will convene a nationwide meeting to discuss reconciliation matters with the Taliban.britain-afghanistan-conference

Hamid Karzai said he will gather tribal, religious and political leaders within the next few weeks regarding the matter. He also said that he will ask Saudi Arabia to play a role in the process as it has previously offered to go as mediator between the government and the Taliban.

Another plan that the president is suggesting is to remove names of some Taliban leaders from the UN list of terrorists.

“I will be making a statement at the conference in London to the effect of removing Taliban names from the UN sanctions list,” Karzai said.

Yet another plan was to ask the international community to help set up funds for livelihood and jobs to lure out Taliban fighters. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made the announcement in the Afghanistan London Conference, Thursday, January 28, in front of 70 nation delegations.