Afghanistan air strike prompts US-German dispute


An air strike by U.S. fighter jets that appears to have killed Afghan civilians could turn into a major dispute for NATO allies Germany and the United States, as tensions began rising between them over Germany’s role in ordering the attack.

According to Afghan officials, dozens of people were killed in the early Friday air strike when a U.S. fighter jet, called on by Germany, bombed two Taliban hijacked fuel trucks in Kunduz. The top U.S. and NATO spokesperson in Afghanistan said 56 people were killed, according to a preliminary count.

The total death toll has varied depending on the source, but local Afghan officials have said at least half of those killed were civilians.

Video: Afghan Civilians Harmed

Investigation is just beginning but Both German and U.S. officials already appeared to be trying to deflect blame.

Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung defended his troops on Sunday for calling in a NATO air strike in Afghanistan.

“The air strike was absolutely necessary,” Jung told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper. “I can’t comprehend how some can so quickly criticize the military action without knowing what the situation was or the background information.”

[via HuffPo]