Airplane with 152 Passengers Crashed Outside Islamabad

airblueAn airplane from Pakistan carrying 152 passengers crashed near the capital city of Islamabad Wednesday, July 28. No survivors were initially reported.

The airplane, an Airbus 321, was flying from Karachi to Islamabad carrying 146 passengers and 6 crew members, including two United States nationals, for flight Airblue ED-202. It crashed near the Margalla Hills as it attempted to land near the capital despite the heavy monsoon downpour.

“It is not yet clear what is the actual cause of the plane crash,” said Pervez George, a civil aviation official. His opinion though is that the weather played a role in it.

About 45 bodies have already been recovered.

Hamid Zeb Khan, who heads one of the rescue teams described the difficulty of reaching the crash site. “The plane crashed into a very narrow and steep crevice and the rescuers took quite a while to get there. It took 45 minutes or so for them to reach the area.”

Witnesses said that they have seen the plane flying at a low altitude and that it appeared wobbly some of the time.