Al Qaeda: Attack US Interests Everywhere

A leader of terrorist group Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has rallied followers to launch attacks against US establishments and other interests around the world. Said al-Shihri, Al Qaeda’s number two man in the region, said that people affiliated with the Osama bin Laden-led group should “eliminate as many enemies as you can.” Al-Shihri also urged “Muslims elsewhere in the Arabian peninsula to‚Ķembrace jihad.”

The message, which was released on the Internet Monday, is the second in as many months from the terrorist organization. Last month, an audio recording allegedly made by bin Laden was released on the Internet. In that message, the Al Qaeda chief warned US President Barack Obama of attacks. Bin Laden also heaped praise on Nigerian Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to blow up a Delta airliner bound for Detroit on Christmas Day last year.

Earlier, US intelligence officials warned that there is a possibility that terrorist groups would launch large-scale attacks in the first six months of the year.