Alabama Mayor Larry Langford Arrested

larry langford arrestedMayor Larry Langford of Birmingham, Alabama was arrested on Monday on federal criminal charges, according to Birmingham News.

Federal prosecutors said Langford, Montgomery investment banker Bill Blount and lobbyist Al LaPierre were charged in the 101-count indictment released Monday. The charges also include money laundering and filing false tax returns.

A grand jury has been investigating the county’s bond deals for several months, the Birmingham News said.

Langford is accused of receiving $230,000 in bribes from Blount, some of them routed through LaPierre, to influence the bond deals while Langford was president of the Jefferson County Commission. Blount’s firm made $7.1 million in fees from the bond work.

In May the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit accusing Langford of receiving and not disclosing a $156,000 illegal payment.

“We are glad the Mayor will finally have his day in court. As members of his team, we stand behind him and look forward to the day when we can return the focus to the important issues before the city,” Langford’s chief of staff Deborah Vance-Bowie said in a statement.

Langford has said the lawsuit was politically motivated.

Photo: USA Today