Amanda Seyfried Bans Dad from Seeing Nude Scenes in “Chloe”

Amanda Seyfried‘s newest flick “Chloe” is off limits to his dad, the sexy actress said on Tuesday during the New York City premiere of the Atom Egoyan film. Seyfried’s decision to prohibit her father from seeing the film is due to the racy scenes in “Chloe.” The 24-year-old “Mean Girls” star has several nude scenes in the film, including a very intimate girl-on-girl action with co-star Julianne Moore.

Seyfried said that she had no problem taking off her clothes, but shooting the scene with Moore was the hardest thing. “The day that we filmed it, it felt like, if we can just get through this one day, we’ll be home free,” she said.

“Chloe” is an erotic thriller about infidelity. Seyfried, who recently appeared on the cover of Esquire magazine, plays a call girl whom Moore’s character pays to test the fidelity of her husband played by Liam Neeson. The film will open in the U.S. on March 26.