American Idol: Adam Lambert sings ‘If I Can’t Have You’ (video)


As usual Adam Lambert did not disappoint the judges of American Idol. And his soulful rendition of  If I Can’t Have You captivated the fans of the popular Fox signing competition.

It didn’t give me goosebumps like some of his other performances, but it was really worth watching. I’ve never heard someone sung the Yvonne Elliman classic that way before.

Randy said that at this point the contestants should be showing their range – he’s been doing it all along – he’s ready. According to Kara, Adam’s performance was brilliant and inspiring. Paula said he took a disco song and didn’t make it cliché. For Simon, his vocals “were immaculate.”

If I Can’t Have You was written by the Bee Gees for the soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever, The song was a big hit, rising to #1 in 1977 and its success has resulted in Elliman being remembered as a disco artist.

Here’s the video of Adam Lambert singing If I Can’t Have You on the American Idol April 21: