American Idol Contestant Handcuffed After Refusing Judges’ Rejection

The Orlando auditions of the ninth season of American Idol turned bizarre when one contestant refused to accept the judges’ rejection and had to be led away in handcuffs.kristin-chenoweth

The contestant started his audition by saying “Gotta give it up for God.”

Jarrod Norrell sang a not so very good rendition of the Amazing Grace and the judges said “No” to him. However, he simply refused to accept it. He sang it again much to the dismay of the judges and he still got a “No”.  When he sill refused to leave, security stepped in and put handcuffs on the contestant and they led him out of the building.

As he was leaving the judge’s room, he said, “That’s the way it’s gotta be, you gotta take me out in cuffs.”

The guest judge for this leg of the contest is Kristin Chenoweth (pictured), star of Pushing Daisies. A total of 31 audition hopefuls were able to get the golden tickets to Hollywood.