American Idol Results: It’s over for Scott MacIntyre (Video)


After a nationwide vote, Scott MacIntyre became the sixth finalist eliminated on “American Idol.”

The 23-year-old blind piano player from Scottsdale, Arizona received the fewest number of viewer votes Wednesday on the popular singing competition. He came up 30,000 votes shy, losing the battle of the bottom two to Anoop Desai.

However, Scott proceeded to deliver his rendition of Survivor‘s “The Search is Over,” the song he’d performed last night. Unfortunately, his execution didn’t impress the judges into letting him stay in the competition with their “Save” power.

Simon announced the judges’ split verdict. “This is really tough. I really, really like you Scott,” Simon said. “Someone’s got to make a decision here, and I’m going to say it’s the end of the competition [for you].”

Paula, in tears, told Scott that he’s been an inspiration for the entire world. “You are one classy gentleman. God bless you. We love you.”

According to Ryan Seacrest, 34 million people voted during this round of the competition.

Watch the video below: