American Idol Summer Tour Shortened

american_idol_season_9The American Idol Live! Tour suffered some cancellations joining several musical acts that are pulling out of their respective summer tours.

The top ten finalists of the recently concluded ninth season of American Idol hit the road last July 1. However instead of it ending September 16 it will wrap up on August 31. Several stops on the tour were cancelled including those in Buffalo, New York; Portland, Oregon; Kansas City, Missouri; Cleveland, Ohio; Winnipeg, Manitoba and Toronto, Ontario.

Publicists for the show refused to give the reason for the cancellation.

The finalists, which include runner-up Crystal Bowersox and winner Lee DeWyze, will be joining artists Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, John Mayer, Limp Bizkit, Lilith Fair, Jonas Brothers and the Eagles, all of whom have their summer tours either cancelled or shortened.

The reasons for their pullouts range from poor ticket sales to scheduling conflicts and from lack of promotion to little new materials.