American Idol Top 9 Covered Beatles; Adam Lambert to Mentor Top 8

The remaining nine contestants for the ninth season of American Idol took songs from the Lennon/McCartney songbook with difficulty of trying to be original. Then the show announced that last year’s runner-up Adam Lambert would be next week’s mentor for a still unnamed theme.adam-lambert

The show started with the judges and host Ryan Seacrest discussing the big contributions of John Lennon and Paul McCartney to the music industry. The video presentation even called them music royalty.

McCartney was also shown in a pre-recorded message video for the contestants.

Meanwhile, concerns are again raised with Adam Lambert being named as a mentor when he himself was in the same position as the contestants are less than a year ago. A couple of weeks ago the show had Miley Cyrus mentoring the contestants who are mostly older than her. Analysts ask: can young artists really mentor fresh talents, or even judge them (like Joe Jonas during the auditions)?

The controversial singer will also be performing on the results show, Wednesday, April 14. He will sing Whataya Want From Me. He promised that he would keep his performance in the PG-rating level.