‘American Idol’ Will Issue an Apology for Steven Tyler’s Behavior

steven_tylerTelevision and radio host Ryan Seacrest said on his radio show today that the producers of American Idol will be issuing an apology on tonight’s episode for new judge Steven Tyler.

There is a black card that starts the show tonight, comes up on the screen. I just want to tell you part of it…it starts with ‘American Idol would like to apologize for last week’s outrageous behavior by Steven Tyler,” Ryan Seacrest said.

The concession is also for the Aerosmith frontman’s eccentric facial expressions and interesting choice of words.

Tyler is in his rookie year at the critics panel for the show alongside singer Jennifer Lopez.

As to whether his words are worse than anything that former judge Simon Cowell has ever said to merit issuing an apology is up to the viewers.

Tonight’s episode will feature the auditions conducted in Austin, Texas.