American Mathematician Wins Abel Prize

An American mathematician was awarded one of the highest honors in the field of numeric studies.tate-web

John Tate, 85 years old, took the 2010 Abel Prize with citation “for his vast and lasting impact on the theory of numbers” from the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

The jury stated that his contributions “stretches from the mysteries of prime numbers to the way in which we store, transmit and secure information in modern computers.”┬áThe Tate Conjecture and the Tate Module are some of his works that was named after him.

King Harald of Norway will present the award to Tate in a ceremony to be held on May 25. The award is accompanied with a monetary prize of 6 million kroner (750,000 Euros, 1 million US Dollars).

The Abel Prize was named after Norwegian mathematician Neils Henrik Abel and first awarded in 2003 as an answer for the missing mathematics category in the Nobel Awards.

Tate also won another mathematics award, the Wolf Prize in 2002-2003. The Wolf Prize was the former “Nobel Mathematics Prize” prior to the Abel Prize.