Android 2.0 update for T-Mobile G1?

Android 2.0 update for T-Mobile G1

It’s still unofficial but a certain android blog reported that it has been confirmed, T-Mobile is releasing an update for the T-Mobile G1.

The report pointing to an “anonymous source”, says that G1 owners will get an update to the Eclair build – at least Android 2.0 or even the latest Android 2.0.1 build on the Nexus One.

An anonymous source of ours has confirmed that both the Android 2.0 and the Android 2.0.1 are in the hands of some very fortunate people.  Nothing can be released just yet due to Non Disclosure reasons.

But still, this news is just a rumor, and sourcing a single “anonymous” person coming from an unofficial Android website is punch in the nose.

Android 2.0 Official Video

[via Mashable]