Angelina Jolie Changes Bosnia Shooting Plans

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie has decided to shoot her directorial debut in Bosnia for only about four days instead of the original ten due to a controversy regarding the story of her film.

Edin Sarkic, the Bosnian producer of the film, said the crew will shoot scenes for only three or four days, with Jolie expected to be present at the set for only a short time. Sarkic said Jolie made the decision in order to avoid raising any more controversies after a group of women raped during the Bosnian war reacted to rumors that the film’s story is about a Bosnian woman who fell in love with her Serbian rapist. Jolie has since denied that her film is about a Bosnian rape victim during the war.

Jolie’s permit to shoot in the country was initially suspended last month when the women’s group brought its complaint to government officials. The permit was reinstated only after Jolie assured officials that the film’s story is a love story about a Bosnian woman and Serb man who get separated during the war.