Angelina Jolie Defends Film Project

Angelina-JolieAngelina Jolie has finally spoken in defense of her ongoing film, saying that people should wait for the finished product before they criticize it.

Jolie said during a promotional tour for her latest starrer, “The Tourist,” that the criticism being generated by her first directorial turn is unwarranted as the film’s story is not about what it is rumored to be. Jolie was referring to a protest by a group of Bosnian War rape victims, who assailed the actress for being insensitive about their feelings. According to the group, Jolie’s film is about a Bosnian woman who falls in love with her Serbian rapist.

However, Jolie said her film is not about a rape victim and his rapist, but is really a love story between a Bosnian Muslim woman and a Serbian man just before the Bosnian War broke out in 1992. She said that a vast majority of Bosnia is supportive of her as-yet-untitled project. “The absolute majority of the people, population, the cast, prime minister, president have been extremely supportive.” Jolie added that around 95 percent of the film’s cast survived the war that killed more than 100,000 people.