Angola Implements New Constitution

The African nation of Angola has finally implemented a formal constitution after using an interim version for 35 years since the country’s independence in 1975. It will remove direct election of the President.Coat-of-arms-of-Angola

The new constitution is similar to the one governing neighboring countries of South Africa and Botswana. The Head of State, which is the President, will be the leader of the party who has the majority in the parliament. The appointed president can then choose his or her own vice president. The vice president will have the powers of the prime minister as this post was removed from the new constitution. The president can only serve two five-year terms starting 2012.

This means that current president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who has already served the country for 30 years may stay until 2022. Under the new constitution, he can be removed by the parliament anytime but it must be approved by the Supreme Court.

It has also stated that all the lands are owned by state and rights can only be given to Angolan nationals and companied registered in the country.