Angry Birds Game Lands in Nintendo 3DS and Wii

Angry_BirdsThe popular puzzle video game that everybody is crazy about is expanding its platform market after it was announced that it would become available to Nintendo gaming consoles.

Game developer Rovio Mobile has confirmed that Angry Birds will become playable in Nintendo Wii and the upcoming handheld device Nintendo 3DS. (Nintendo 3DS will be available February 26 in Japan, March 25 in Europe and March 27 in the United States.)

Rovio also stated that the game will be available in 3DS and Wii via download as they prefer “downloads and digital distribution on all platforms.”

Angry Birds is already available in iOS, Maemo (Nokia N900), Palm Web OS, Android, Symbian, PSP, PS3, Windows and Mac OS X.

Meanwhile, Android and iOS users can already download the Valentine’s Day edition of the game. A special edition, which is a tie-in with the upcoming animated film Rio, called Angry Birds Rio, was also announced during a commercial in the recently concluded Super Bowl.