Anne Hathaway Bombarded with Letters from Ex-Fiancé

Anne Hathaway‘s relationship with Adam Shulman is under a lot of pressure, as the 27-year-old “The Princess Diaries” star is reportedly being relentlessly pursued by ex-fiancé Raffaello Follieri from his jail cell. According to reports, Follieri, who is serving four and a half years for fraud, has been sending letters, a barrage of them, to Hathaway, asking her to wait for him and give their relationship another shot.

A source said Hathaway is being tortured by the letters. Shulman has reportedly asked his girlfriend to tell Follieri to stop writing, but the actress “fears anything she says to him will lead to a fresh avalanche of mail.”

Hathaway started dating Follieri in 2004. The relationship was going smoothly, or so she thought, that the actress even helped Follieri establish a foundation that was later investigated by the IRS. She broke off with Follieri in June 2008, a few months before he was sentenced for trying to runaway with $50 million in investment capital from billionaire Ronald Burkle, among other charges.