Annie Lennox HIV Positive

Yes you read it right.

Annie Lennox goes HIV positive. But this has nothing to do with the singer’s health.

Lennox appeared on American Idol wearing a black HIV positive shirt to help promote awareness about the children of Africa suffering from AIDS.

During the show’s segment “Idol Gives Back,” Lennox introduced a 4-year-old girl who is suffering HIV and pneumonia. AIDS had taken the life of her mother and turned her into an orphan. Lennox had discussed the impact of AIDS in a person’s life.

Although this is not the first time that the singer appeared in public wearing the controversial words, it did not stop the flame of intrigue that spread like wildfire in the internet, suggesting that Lennox had AIDS.  But this is the kind of attention-grabbing stunt that a TV personality has to pull in order to put the spotlight on her passionate campaign for African kids.

The Scottish singer has long been a staunch advocate on the prevention and treatment of AIDS around the world.