Annual No Pants Light Rail Ride Goes Underway

The city of Seattle joined for the first time 43 other cities around the world in observing the No Pants Light Rail / Subway Ride. That is, people keeping a straight face while they ride the train wearing nothing below the belt except their underwear. Participants upload pictures to a Facebook

The tradition started in New York in 2002 by Improv Everywhere.

“Stay in character,” Kelsey Wildstone, the Seattle organizer advised participants. “Stick with it. Try to have fun.”

In Brisbane, Australia, three men were found chatting in the train door wearing only, as in only, their skivvies.

In Denver, around 30 people braved the 40 degree Fahrenheit temperature to join in the tradition.

“A big part of it is to keep the child in all of us. To have some fun, some legal entertainment,” said Chris Bishop, 23, Denver organizer. “It’s a social experiment.” He said that while wearing his underwear and boarded a train carrying a book. He said that the tradition’s point is that there is no point in it except to have fun.

The event has an accompanying Facebook page where participants can upload their pictures.