Another iPhone Worm on the Loose


Security company F-Secure discovered a new malicious worm hitting the iPhone. The worm steals internet banking credentials in “jail-broken” phones that has the OpenSSH feature.

Jailbreaking is a modification which enables the user to run non-Apple approved applications.

This is the second worm to be reported in less than a month. The ikee worm was unleashed by the young hacker Ashley Towns from Australia. It replaces the wallpaper to an image of the singer Rick Astley then looks for other iPhones to infect. It also targets “jail-broken” phones that has the OpenSSH feature.

The new worm however is more malicious. Aside from the fact that it has financial motives, it can behave like a botnet which means it can be accessed and controlled remotely without the user noticing it. It could jump from phone to phone that are using the same wi-fi hotspot.

So far, only citizens of the Netherlands that have online bank accounts with ING are reported to have been affected.