Another iPod Nano 5 Review – New Features That are Taken for Granted


I know I’ve already talked about how cool the new iPod Nano 5 is here. We’ve seen some of the new features that made us go “ooohhh” and “aaaaahhhh”. But now I am going to zero in on another 2 features that are not so talked about and sort of taken for granted but will definitely make a big impact in my opinion.

First is the Voice Memo feature. With its new built-in mic, you can now record audio or any sound for that matter. You can record yourself snoring at night or record yourself singing in the bathroom. But on a more important note, you can use this nifty feature to do useful stuff. If you are a student, you can use this to record class lessons. If you are an aspiring audio artist, you can use to record yourself on the go! And the list of things to do with it can go on and on forever.

Another feature I’d like to highlight is the iTunes Tagging feature. If you are a song junkie, you’ve probably had the dilemma of not knowing the title of the song or the artist of the song while listening to the radio. This is a dilemma worth capitalizing on, why? Just imagine its monetization potential. With the iTunes Tagging feature, both the iPod owner and Apple itself benefit. The iPod owner gets to remember the song and probably buy it later from iTunes and Apple resolves the dilemma of “lost” profit due to human frailty (memory lapse remember?).

So again, I’d say this new iPod Nano is a great move for Apple done with finesse and superior style. Bravo!