Apple admits : iPod was invented by Briton in 1979


Apparently, Apple’s iPod technology has been developed as far back as twenty years ago, when a Briton envisioned a portable music player that had features very similar to current trends now. Or is it?

Apple admitted that they called on Kane Kramer, now 52, to help settle a court dispute regarding royalties with, who was claiming that some of the technology used by Apple in the iPod was actually owned by the web-based company, and that it was legally entitled to a hefty sum from Apple’s profits from the product. Apparently, however, Kramer had already whipped up concepts similar to an iPod way back in 1979.

Kramer’s sketches and concepts are creepingly close to what we actually have available now. Kramer came as close as to predicting DRM music, how music will be stored, even down to exactly how the prototype will look like.

Kramer held patents for the IXI digital music player until about 1988, when he found himself without the funds to renew his patent license. The idea died down eventually, until it was revived by gadgets such as the iPod.

With Kramer’s help, Apple successfully won complete legal rights for the iPod, but so far, he hasn’t received any of Apple’s promised compensations and shares as of yet.