Apple Announcement Live Stream: The Apple “Latest Creation” Unveiling

Apple Tablet Announcement Live Stream

Apple Announcement Live Stream: We have provided the collection of live blogs dedicated to the Apple Tablet launch event which you can see here but if you like the video or commentary type update, then you are in luck.

Today’s big event is being held at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, California and is starting now as I write this article.

For those who are not fortunate to attend the event like me, Leo Laporte is at the event and will give us live updates via phone. I think this is good enough because we can still hear the keynote:

If you want the list of the live blogs, you can go here: Apple Event: Apple Tablet Announcement Live

UPDATE: The event is finished. You can now take a look at the new Apple iPad here, as well as the video of the Apple iPad Launch.