Apple Buys Music Web Site Lala

Apple has bought the music web site Lala expanding its music

Lala charges 89 cents for MP3 downloads and 10 cents to stream any song unlimitedly or a dollar to stream an album unlimitedly. This offer is already in question on whether Apple will continue this service.

It was also reported by PCWorld that Lala executives could no longer see any profits in the near future while Apple are more intent on acquiring the cloud-based music service technology and the engineering talent of the people behind the streaming site rather than the services itself.

Other services that Lala users enjoy that will probably be affected are the music gifts through Facebook and the search and preview and Music OneBox deal with Google.

The move of Apple is viewed as an attempt to strengthen its dominance over the online music business. Though it still dwarfs the competition, it has been facing growing threats from the likes of Spotify and Pandora.