Apple Expects to Sell 10 Million Tablets in 2010

Apple tablet

Apple is expecting to sell 10 million units of their “rumored” tablet computer in the first year of its release, at least according to a report from an ex-Googler.

Founding president of Google China, Lee Kai-fu, wrote in a blog post (Chinese) that he heard the news from a friend. He also said that the tablet is expected to be launched January 2010 and priced around $1000. Rumor has it the the iSlate/iGuide or (whatever you want to call it) will have a 7-inch and 10-inch touch screen but Lee says the gadget will have a 10-inch screen that looks like a giant iPhone.

I’ve been waiting for the release of this so-called tablet but if the rumor is going to be true and  the device will be priced at sub-$1000, then I’ll just forget about it.

[ mashable |image via edopter]