Apple has iPhone shortages left and right


Apparently, Apple’s shortages for the new iPhone 3GS model is all over the map.

CNNMoney notes that the iPhone availability widget, an online tool that Apple has devised so that prospective buyers can view which stores in their state has their wanted model available, has been put back online at the Apple website. The iPhone availability widget, which only appears in times of shortages, is showing red lights left and right.

The last time the widget was made available for reference was in the summer of 2008, when the iPhone 3G supply wasn’t quite cutting it for the period’s demands.

When the widget was made available last Friday, only 29 out of Apple’s 257 US-based stores were showing shortages of certain models. By Sunday morning though, there were shortages everywhere, save for six states.

To check for iPhone 3Gs availability nearest you, click the jump towards the Apple iPhone 3GS availability widget.