Apple iPad 2 Allegedly seen in ‘The Daily’ Launch

New Apple iPad CommercialAn eyewitness says that she has seen a working model of the next generation of Apple tablet iPad during the launch of the first national news publication designed for the said gadget.

Reports said that the working model was spotted at the top edge of the glass screen at the press conference. The unit was seen to be sporting a front-facing camera.

The announcement for the release of the next iPad version is currently a highly anticipated event.

The Daily, which will be published by News Corp., will cost 99 cents a week or $39.99 for a year. It will be published 365 days a year. Users can pay their subscriptions via their iTunes accounts.

“New times demand new journalism,” CEO Rupert Murdoch said during the launch. It will feature news from politics, arts, and sports to gossips and opinions delivered via text and photos to audios and videos.

The publication will also become available in other tablets.